About Us

** FYI...I am NOT a glitter supplier - there are many lovely companies out there that do this very well!😉👏(I've also noticed lots popping up too recently🤔) **

Oh! So Jo... Nail Goodies first came about last Spring (2016) when the super shiny Chrome look, was all the rage!  I found it extremely difficult to source a great quality and most importantly safe Chrome pigment within the UK (there's some types out there, that they use in the 🚗 industry!!) So, I started looking internationally... (Have you noticed they always get the good stuff first in places like America and Asia first?!😝) That is until I saw the price of shipping (which was absolutely ridiculous, even more so than the pigment itself!!😠) I figured if I'm having difficulty, there must be many nail techs/nail art enthusiasts who are going through the same thing!! I then, made it my mission to source these hard to find items and make them available to everyone, at an affordable price!💪  

I had already planned a holiday (in May) to visit family in Hong Kong, and took out some time and used my nail company contacts, to set up meetings with various pigment manufacturers. I was shown everything from the raw ingredients, production process, quality control and the entire ranges they held. My mind was totally blown!!😲😲  After what seemed like forever, I finally found a manufacturer that I was very happy with and decided to import their products when I arrived back home in the UK✈

Around about July, the Holo🌈 trend was sprouting up everywhere over social media, and my manufacturer actually had 2 Holo lines that I completely fell in love with!😍 These were the first products that I stocked (🦄 Unicorn & ☇Laser Holo Pigment) and I had customers telling me the quality is the best they've ever tried!🤷❤ Everything else, just snowballed from there!

Fast forward 10 months and I now have this online store to keep all my products in check😅 I will be focussing on things like rare pigments, essentials and Limited Edition items from Japan🇯🇵 (THE nail art mecca of the world!)👐
I also have my own-branded range, so far - nail tools & gel products, but there's more exciting things to come, very soon!!😉 My main aim is to provide a easy source for all you nail addicts to shop things, you can't easily find!

Random fact: Aside from being a nail technician, I'm also a trained hairdresser and I wouldn't have got into nails had it not been something to do, whilst recovering from a serious car crash where I broke my back!😱

I personally test all of my products vigorously on myself and my clients, and I also send samples out to other nail techs too for their feedback, before making them available for sale. So, you can be assured you're getting THE VERY BEST quality💅

Thank you for stopping by and reading through this essay😅

Looking forward to sharing my latest nail goodies with you all!
(Don't forget to tell a friend, to tell a friend!😉📣📱)