Chrome Pigments


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* Silver Chrome comes supplied 1g in weight, in a 5g in volume, NEW diamond shaped potπŸ’Ž

* Rose Gold & Gold Chrome comes supplied 2.5g in weight, in a 5g in volume NEW diamond shaped potπŸ’Ž
(Scale calibration variance is +\-0.005 grams)

* These chrome pigments are super pigmented, so you only need the teeniest tiniest amount for nails! 1 pot will last you forever!✌🏼😁

* For best results: Apply a teeny tiny amount (less is more with this pigment) onto a cured no-wipe gel top coat layer using a silicon tool (or gloved fingerπŸ‘‰πŸΌ) making sure to apply medium pressure to flatten the pigment particles, dust off excess pigment thoroughly (or it'll look grainy) then apply 1 coat of regular gel top coat (one that leaves a tacky layerπŸ˜‰) cure, then apply 1 final coat of no-wipe gel top coat, cure then admire the chromeness!😍 Ooh! Shiny!!

* Top tip!πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Use a bright base colour to make coloured chromes!🌈

β˜† Buy all 3 colours and save! β˜†

Happy Chroming!😎

Full MSDS available upon request

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