👻Glow Pigments👻


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* This Cosmetic Grade pigment is milled super fine, so weighs very little

* It will come supplied 4g in weight, in a 5g in volume pot
(Scale calibration variance is +\-0.005 grams)

* It can be mixed with:
 Gel - mix tiny amounts with clear gel, apply to a nail form/tip, then cure under uv/led to see the glow effect
(If a brighter glow is required, mix in more glow pigment gradually)
Acrylic - mix 1:3 ratio so, 1 part glow pigment to 3 parts acrylic powder
or just simply dabbed/brushed onto the tacky layer of gel polish

* Charges under UV light

* For the best glow, charge under LED for 30 secs

MSDS provided upon request

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